Football for a Cause Charity Tournament

For the fourth year, UTS FC will be hosting the Football For A Cause Charity Tournament at Charles Bean Oval Lindfield. This one day tournament is the biggest charity tournament on the North Shore, and has helped raise over $20,000 for three great charities so far.

This year the tournament will take place on Saturday 7th of OctoberSo start forming your teams and submit your entry forms, because like every year the spots will fill up fast! We will have the same format as last year running both a men’s and women’s competition, as well as the inclusion of a a mixed competition this year.

Please email Jono to get a copy of the entry for this year and reserve a spot (please specify in the email which competition you would like to reserve, mens/womens/mixed).

UTS Men – New Players

UTS FC are currently looking for men to join our club in 2017.

  •  Outfield players for our MAA2 team who are looking to gain promotion into the Premier League
  •  General players for our social divisions.
  • All members who register and pay before January 31st will be eligible to a $25 discount. Please contact Julia for more information at

UTS Women – New Players

UTS FC are currently looking for women to join our club in 2017.

  • – Goalkeeper for our Premier League team (successful candidate will be eligible to rebates on equipment)
  • – Outfield players for all teams, from Premier League down to our social Division 4

All members who register and pay before January 31st will be eligible to a $25 discount. Please contact Julia for more information at

Preseason Is Back


Preseason continues this Sunday 29th of January, 5pm Charles Bean Oval Lindfield. (Men’s All Age and Women’s All Age. Juniors to follow mid-Feb)

We welcome all returning players and new players to dust off the boots and join in. Not available this weekend? No worries, check our calendar for weekly training sessions.

Thanks to the support from UTS Sport we offer the cheapest rates for University students on the North Shore, as well as discounted registrations for non-students. For more information on our fees, or information on registering please refer to our registration page.

UTS FC is also currently looking for paid opportunities for coaches or referees in 2017. If you are interested please contact Julia at

UTSFC Meet and train with Lisa De Vanna

On the 24th of May 2016, the UTS Football Club had the absolute honour of hosting the fearless and passionate pint-sized captain of the Matildas – Lisa De Vanna.
It all started with a panic! Emails and Facebook notifications were popping up left/right/centre on the Monday afternoon alerting us to the fact Lisa would be attending and we needed to be in uniform. Facts were shared and excitement rippled through the social media waves. Tuesday would be the night and we ALL needed to clearly do our washing.
Tuesday night hits, the teams have gathered and training attendance for the UTS women was at an all-time high. It was clearly going to be a cold one so we are all reluctant to shed our winter warmers in order to display our beautiful blue uniform. While prancing around and warming up, in the distance a short statured woman decked out in Nike gear arrives – it was Lisa! If there was ever a situation where star-struck awe hit a massive group of women, well this was one of those.
Sparing all the introductory details and skipping to what actually happened on the night – Lisa kindly instructed the team through some warm-up exercises and ball drills. To be kind, it wasn’t fear that struck us when it was time to dribble in front of Lisa – it was more of an “I am not worthy” feeling – complimentary? Yes! It is pretty amazing to have one of the world’s best female soccer players observing you play the sport you love.
After a kick-around we settled in for a group chat with Lisa to grab her thoughts around soccer. At first we learnt some of Lisa’s habits which were to stick to a regime which included the importance of oats (even if eggs are calling) in the morning, preparing mentally before/during/after a game and the strenuous effort it takes to be a Matilda. However, what stuck the most were four tips which she believed make a great player/team at any grade:
1. Believe in yourself.
2. Trust your team mates.
3. Win the moment.
4. Positive attitude.
By the time we were finished chatting and also laughing about a question regarding shin splits, the teams were gathered together for a big old group photo (and penguin heat hug).
Overall, Lisa is a natural born soccer player who despite her stature, age and financial upbringing has managed to lead a successful career using the age-old tactic which can apply to anything you want in life; passion, determination and tenacity. UTS Football Club is completely honoured and wishes Lisa all the success in the future.
By Rhiannon Fowler
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WAA3 Continues Their Winning Streak!

Being the fourth game in a row at Charles Bean and with 3 wins, the match was destined to be a fight. Even Chelsea our mascot was ready to cheer us on!

UTS started strong and in control. It didn’t take long before UTS were in the lead with 2 goals scored by none other than our resident striker Becky Harper. The midfield and defense lines held their ground, until Asquith saw an opportunity and score not once but twice. All of a sudden it was 2-all. WAA3 are notoriously known for performing better under pressure. It was clear the girls were more motivated now than ever as the strikers, midfielders and defenders were battling to keep possession whilst Goalkeeper Pepita Bernasconi diminished Asquith’s attempts at goals. UTS needed to prove why we deserve to remain undefeated. In fact new comer Emily Mew-Sum took initiative and scored 2 goals against Asquith frustrating them, making it 4-2.

Nearing the end of the game, UTS held their heads high under the stress of the heat and returning fierce tackles to Asquith.

Alas, the final whistle is blown.

The game proved: the team that fights together, stays together!

WAA3 finished the week 1st on the ladder with many more fights to come.



WAA4 cause a ruckus at Blackman Park

With two losses and a draw floating above our heads, the WAA4 fought back in the fourth week taking away a win of 2-1 against Lane Cove.

But let us recap this epic battle of Blackman Artificial…

We launched onto the field with fire, the ball sitting for majority of the game in the winning end of the field. Two goals were scored with quick succession early by Lisa smashing the ball in using a gap that the opponent kindly left for us and Julia encouraging the opposition to score an own goal. Overall the offense were strong with Chayna having many opportunities to score, Ellen capitalising on the stray left-side balls – it is for certain that this season will see more goals.

The defense and midfield were strong, the only reason the opposition scored was due to some early-in-season puff that will be sorted as we progress into the winter. Otherwise; Tiffany, Amy, Lauren, Santi and Daria showed Lane Cove “WHAT IS UP!” with a quick refresher in the definition of “tenacity”.

And for the goals, we had the pleasure of rotating through three goal-keepers. Li held up the first half with her fear of nothing attitude, Heather had a short-lived game having injured herself during a dedicated sprint towards the opponent and Anna filling in towards the end (props to Anna who filled in for striker, defense and goal).

Overall, WAA4 had more skill/sassy-tude combined than a Zack Snyder film and despite the lack of Daschund puppies/male cheer squad – we crushed it.

2R turn it on for their first night game at the Bean

It was a night of many firsts…. The first home game of the year, club day, game under the lights…. but most surprisingly the first goal Tom “I’m a Doctor I swear” Terrell has scored off a free kick. UTS dominated on their familiar synthetic surface, and before no time Joe “Gene Pool” Laidler had the team up 1-0 against a St Ives team who didn’t know what they were about to get themselves into. Soon after, with some brilliant passing, Graco pounced on a ball in the box to get the team comfortable with a second goal. St Ives offered minimal attacking chances, and resorted to dirty tactics on our team, only to be hit back with a shoulder charge from Jono “White gordo with hair” Forsyth, sending their player flying but also earning him a yellow card.

With the second half came more quality from UTS, as they ran rings around the opposition. The UTS defenders, had a quiet night, which was highlighted by the fact Martin “Triangle Header” Botica not even getting the opportunity to partake in his favourite ritual of kicking a ball over the sideline fence. Luckily for the keeper, Arif aka Wesley, he had a long jumper on to keep him warm in goals. Nick “Bugs Bunny” Carrot slotted in a quality goal, in between Terrell who managed a brace, to have the boys finish up 5-0. A great game played, moving the boys up to 4th on the ladder, and 1 win off first.