How do I join the UTS Football Club?

Come along to one of our pre-season training sessions (dates can be viewed on the calendar page) and register online. Check out the registration page for full details.

Where does UTS train?

Training sessions are normally held at Charles Bean Oval, Eton Road, Lindfield NSW. Training is normally held on a Tuesday evening from 730pm for Men and Wednesday evening from 630pm for Women. Additional training sessions can be scheduled throughout the season. 

How can I get to Charles Bean Oval?

There are Shorelink busses from Lindfield Railway Station to the campus. You might also consider walking; look on the map for the quickest route. It takes about 20 minutes to walk from Lindfield Station to the oval. 

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Which competition does UTS play in and where are the games located?

UTS Football Club is based on the North Shore of Sydney. We are part of the Northern Suburbs Football Association (NSFA). Our home ground is Charles Bean Oval Lindfield at Lindfield and we play and train in the North Shore area roughly between North Sydney and Mount Colah.

What teams does UTS run?

In 2019, we have men’s squads in divisions 2, 3, 4 and 6; as well as women’s teams in the premier league and division 3. 

When and where are competition games played during the season?

Games are usually held on Saturdays for Men and Sundays for Women. Games are located on the North Shore, generally between North Sydney and Hornsby. 

How do we turn lights on at Charles Bean for night training/games?

UTS is only able to turn lights on during NSFA scheduled midweek training sessions (Tues 7-9pm, and Weds in 2016) or during NSFA competition home games held between 5-9pm on Saturday or Sundays. To turn the lights on please contact either Theo (0474 655 366), Hugh (0432267239) or Preben (0412 299 502) as only their mobiles are authorised in the system.

For mid-week training, they will need to text the following:    Clubpin 1170 on

For competition games they will need to text the following:   Clubpin 1170 on       and 5 minutes later     Clubpin 1171 on       (the second text is to enable the higher 100lux lights which are only available for competition games). 

What are my teams responsibilities when dressing the ground?

UTS is required to ensure all corner flags are set up before the game starts (otherwise referee won’t start) and also pack them up if the team is the last one playing for the day (7pm kick off on Saturday for Men and 3pm kick off on Sunday for Women). The team is also responsible for ensuring the nets are attached completely (no parts hanging down) and that all rubbish has been removed from the ground and placed in the bins post the match. It is vital that teams follow these procedures, as our continued use of the facility isn’t guaranteed, and will be based on us respecting and maintaining the facilities.