COVID19 Update – Return to Training Guidelines

We hope you have been staying well over these recent unprecedented times. As you may have seen in our Facebook group, Football NSW has recently announced that football training can now resume. This week NSFA and the University have approved UTS Football Club to return to training. 

As you can appreciate there will be some big changes to the way we train this season. The committee will be discussing training schedules with the team managers over the coming week, who will then be in contact with you to update you on individual team plans. Before players can commence training, they must complete the following:
1 – Read and understand the FNSW training guidelines (link here)
2 – Read and understand the NSFA training guidelines (link here)
3 – Confirm completing point 1 and 2 with their coach/manager at their first training session (to be noted when coach/manager takes the training attendance at the start).

It is extremely important that the club and all the members adhere to the training guidelines, as well as the expert medical advice for safe hygiene practice. Members who don’t adhere to the directions of their managers during training sessions will be temporarily banned from attending training sessions. Our club is also at risk of having our training allocations removed if we break the guidelines, so we ask that you all assist in playing your part and keeping your fellow teammates in line.

Finally there is no update yet on the season commencement date. As mentioned previously, the 6th of June date listed on the NSFA website is indicative for the rounds to be played and not the dates the rounds will take place on (ie it could be pushed to a later start date).

Any questions, please direct to the main UTS Facebook page.