Being the fourth game in a row at Charles Bean and with 3 wins, the match was destined to be a fight. Even Chelsea our mascot was ready to cheer us on!

UTS started strong and in control. It didn’t take long before UTS were in the lead with 2 goals scored by none other than our resident striker Becky Harper. The midfield and defense lines held their ground, until Asquith saw an opportunity and score not once but twice. All of a sudden it was 2-all. WAA3 are notoriously known for performing better under pressure. It was clear the girls were more motivated now than ever as the strikers, midfielders and defenders were battling to keep possession whilst Goalkeeper Pepita Bernasconi diminished Asquith’s attempts at goals. UTS needed to prove why we deserve to remain undefeated.┬áIn fact new comer Emily Mew-Sum took initiative and scored 2 goals against Asquith frustrating them, making it 4-2.

Nearing the end of the game, UTS held their heads high under the stress of the heat and returning fierce tackles to Asquith.

Alas, the final whistle is blown.

The game proved: the team that fights together, stays together!

WAA3 finished the week 1st on the ladder with many more fights to come.



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