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It was a night of many firsts…. The first home game of the year, club day, game under the lights…. but most surprisingly the first goal Tom “I’m a Doctor I swear” Terrell has scored off a free kick. UTS dominated on their familiar synthetic surface, and before no time Joe “Gene Pool” Laidler had the team up 1-0 against a St Ives team who didn’t know what they were about to get themselves into. Soon after, with some brilliant passing, Graco pounced on a ball in the box to get the team comfortable with a second goal. St Ives offered minimal attacking chances, and resorted to dirty tactics on our team, only to be hit back with a shoulder charge from Jono “White gordo with hair” Forsyth, sending their player flying but also earning him a yellow card.

With the second half came more quality from UTS, as they ran rings around the opposition. The UTS defenders, had a quiet night, which was highlighted by the fact Martin “Triangle Header” Botica not even getting the opportunity to partake in his favourite ritual of kicking a ball over the sideline fence. Luckily for the keeper, Arif aka Wesley, he had a long jumper on to keep him warm in goals. Nick “Bugs Bunny” Carrot slotted in a quality goal, in between Terrell who managed a brace, to have the boys finish up 5-0. A great game played, moving the boys up to 4th on the ladder, and 1 win off first.


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