WAA4 cause a ruckus at Blackman Park

With two losses and a draw floating above our heads, the WAA4 fought back in the fourth week taking away a win of 2-1 against Lane Cove.

But let us recap this epic battle of Blackman Artificial…

We launched onto the field with fire, the ball sitting for majority of the game in the winning end of the field. Two goals were scored with quick succession early by Lisa smashing the ball in using a gap that the opponent kindly left for us and Julia encouraging the opposition to score an own goal. Overall the offense were strong with Chayna having many opportunities to score, Ellen capitalising on the stray left-side balls – it is for certain that this season will see more goals.

The defense and midfield were strong, the only reason the opposition scored was due to some early-in-season puff that will be sorted as we progress into the winter. Otherwise; Tiffany, Amy, Lauren, Santi and Daria showed Lane Cove “WHAT IS UP!” with a quick refresher in the definition of “tenacity”.

And for the goals, we had the pleasure of rotating through three goal-keepers. Li held up the first half with her fear of nothing attitude, Heather had a short-lived game having injured herself during a dedicated sprint towards the opponent and Anna filling in towards the end (props to Anna who filled in for striker, defense and goal).

Overall, WAA4 had more skill/sassy-tude combined than a Zack Snyder film and despite the lack of Daschund puppies/male cheer squad – we crushed it.

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